Attribution Challenge in Audio

We just returned from The Radio Show in Orlando. Good news — attendance up year over year. The buzz was very loud on the topic of “radio’s attribution gap”.

The common belief was that radio did not suffer from an effectiveness problem, instead, radio suffers from an inability to provide timely, cost-effective, empirical, and real-time data on ad campaign performance.

Today, attribution is typically measured by survey style studies. This form of attribution study has two key disadvantages:

  1. Results are available in 1–2 months after the campaign was delivered. So if the campaign was not performing to expectations, it is too late to do anything about it.
  2. These studies are quite expensive typically costing tens of thousands of dollars, which just leads to higher costs of an ad buy.

In a perfect world, attribution data should be direct and accessible in real-time.

Well, we have not yet fixed the “perfect world” issue, but we have solved the attribution challenge in audio via voice engagement.

Voice-activated ads provide the ability to measure consumer insights in real-time.

That provides the opportunity to be able to measure not only engagement but actual ad campaign performance.

We, at, are proud to be the leader in this space. Our end-to-end service for voice-activated ad management and measurement provides a real-time dashboard for marketers and publishers to track and report detailed analytics on campaign performance, specific consumer insights, engagement rate, interest rate, skipped ads and more. For the first time in radio/audio history, true measurement is possible.

Our technology provides the marketer the ability to optimize active campaigns on-the-fly with A/B testing and different approaches to creative to optimize ROI. Combined with our breakthrough approach to audio marketing utilizing interactive features powered by AI, we are setting new and over-the-top levels of engagement, interest, conversion and overall response.

This available data is a game changer for marketers and is available right now.

Instreamatic’s solution for voice-activated advertising will provide the real-time data that will drive more revenue to audio and radio.

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